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Over the last five years we have purchased five Working Kelpies of Kirkcaldy, of which three have been high quality natural workers.

Our primary business is mustering Goats for which working dogs are our key tool.  We have found the Kirkcaldy kelpies to be well suited to the harsh working conditions and rugged hot environments that we work them in.

Our preference is to purchase young pups to four months of age and raise them in the environment for which they will be working in.  Doing this has many positives - the main being we train the dog for our specific needs.

When looking for a suitable working dog we require sensible, athletic, natural lead/heading dogs with medium caste, force and eye, speed and superior intelligence.

We are happy to state that we have found these special traits in three of our Kirkcaldy Kelpies.

Simwood Holdings PTY LTD.
Hume Simpson
Qld.. 4488

they have just purchased another one

Kirkcaldy Storm ( Kirkcaldy Marco X Taupiri Jag )

Since 6 months of age, Storm has been pushing breeders up the race with a strong heel bite, from the outside of the race, and packing them in tight, then sits calmly when he's told that's enough.  He's blocked weaners, and breeders with nose bite, turned them in with a low hard heel bite, and worked them back to the mob.

Since 8 months, he's been driving a small mob of growers (15 Mths) from the yards to a back paddock through a couple of gates,  and always one tries to go up the wrong side of the fence, Storm will go and block and turn him and bring him through the gate and back to the others, all naturally, he does this very calmly, yet with a lot of force, he bites and does not mess around, he puts back any beast that tries to sneak out to the side, any that tries to run on,  he naturally works the the whole mob on his own, his driving ability is as strong with bite, as his blocking ability, I mainly ride the quad bike out to the side of the cattle.  Storm has been so easy to train because of his natural ability and strength in driving and blocking.

Storm also gets our Droughtmaster bull out of the scrub and back into the mob.  This bull has always been a problem running into the scrub when he sees us coming.   Now we are finding this bull doing this less.

Storm is very strong, yet calm and relaxed, he is very willing and obedient.  He is the best kelpie we have owned, and his working life has only just started.  We have three bitches here to start our stud including Kirkcaldy Keeley,  and Storm will be put over all of them.
Storm is now 14 months.

Yarramin Qld.

"Just a short note to let you know about Reg. I have just come home after a couple of weeks mustering and yard work in far south western Queensland.  To say that I am happy with Reg is an understatement.  Within 2 pen fulls of sheep at the drafting race he had worked out where he had to be. 

He took a little encouragement to bark at first, but once he had seen the effects of it (strong very meaningful bark) he used it well. He behaved more like an old dog then a 6 month old pup. It took very little to encourage him to work (even after a long day) and by the same token very little to get him to settle down when not needed.  He was not intimidated by anything (good and bad thing), big wethers, rams even ewes with lambs. He would not be bluffed.

I also took him when time allowed for a couple of short runs to yard sheep out of a small holding.  He rode fairly calmly for a pup for his first time on a motorbike. Once on the ground he showed plenty of cover and strength in holding his sheep together.  After the "puppy fun run" at the start he came to the rear when called and took very little to get to go back to the lead when asked (both ways).

He is free running in his action and showed a little eye at times when needed (he does show a lot of eye on my wife's sausage dog!!!!  He is not sure of its purpose just like me).

Once again Peter just to let you know I am very happy with how he is coming along at the moment. I nearly didn't get to take him home with me as my mate wanted to keep him.  I will try to catch up with you at the field day in June."

Matt Bignell
Greenmount QLD

"P.S. Do you have any pups or started / going dog / bitches at the moment? I think my mate in Quilpie would be very interested."

"We're wondering if you have any started dogs available at the moment? A good friend of ours has lost two of his best dogs to irresponsible bait laying while he was helping a friend muster. He is turning 50, and as a gift, a number of us would like to put in together to get a dog for him.

We have purchased kelpies from you before (Finchley, Tina and Cruza) who have all proved to be wonderful dogs, and taken us from a "no dog near a beast no matter what" operation, to one that can't imagine being without them!

Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of time - Doug lost his dogs last week, and his birthday is next week! So we understand that we may have some difficulties with this!! But, we figured there's never any harm in asking!"

Charvel Grazing Company
Queensland 4719

“Tempe (Rockybar Ripper x Glenville Tammy) is marvellous! Every time I use her she seems to improve, responding more certainly to my directions. For the first three months she tried to ignore my existence when we worked sheep. It has been a great experience. I feel that we are quite privileged to have her, she must have come from an exceptional family”  Boorowa NSW.
This letter clearly highlights that a young dog will go through a period of adolescence but with perseverance will become a faithful worker.

“Kirkcaldy Link (Kirkcaldy Fleet x Kirkcaldy Panda) shows – exceptional lead qualities. Fantastic eye, will bark if stirred up” Modewarre, Vic

“I am very happy about both these dogs & have been breeding kelpies for fifty two years”. Timor, Murrurundi NSW.

“Kirkcaldy Wesla has come along very nicely. She was a bit of a handful for a while but settled down and is no trouble to handle. She is very friendly and a good temperament. She is completely fearless and will go over, through or under sheep without hesitation in the yard” Surat Qld.

Kirkcaldy Joy (Ballydine Tex II x Kirkcaldy Toffee) “Joy is now 10 months old. She is a finely built bitch but strong with heaps of stamina and is very obedient. She is working well in the yards and will bark on command, she will go under the mobs to get to where she wants to. She is a very quiet, intelligent bitch that will be forceful when necessary. In the paddock is where she really shines, she is obedient right out to the limit of sound, even then she will complete the task of gathering. At 8 months of age she amazed other dog handlers at a Farmers Sheep Dog Trial, with her ability and obedience. One could go on and on. Thanks again for a fine bitch and a great companion.” Quairading WA

“He has proven himself to be a dog with outstanding ability, he has almost a human brain for understanding and obedience, he impresses everyone who watches him with his keenness and control of the situation”



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