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Kirkcaldy Delta Kirkcaldy Marco x Kirkcaldy Jess

Delta ,Black and tan very good natured like all our dogs that we breed with ,she picked me as a pup when she was able to jump out of her pen is a good mother and is breeding well when mated to Kirkcaldy Rip 5th, a full sister to Kirkcaldy Fly.

Kirkcaldy Nance
Kirkcaldy Rip 5th x Kirkcaldy Sue

Nance,Red and Tan ,good cover with footwork and medium eye like all our females, is breeding well to different sires because of her solid genetic foundation.

Kirkcaldy Fly
Kirkcaldy Marco x Kirkcaldy Jess

Fly, another solid Black and Tan bitch by Kirkcaldy Marco has good footwork, natural balance, great anticipation and covers well, a very classy bitch that hasnít had as much work as I would have liked but a real natural sheepdog that has bred well to Kirkcaldy Rip 5th.

Migaloo Silver
Migaloo Silver
Karmala Spike x Tracker Gem

Silver ,Fawn and tan strong tough keen bitch by the very good dog Karmala Spike, has bred well to Riana Finch ,but this time has bred a very nice litter by Riana Leader.

Kirkcaldy Sue
Kirkcaldy Marco X Kirkcaldy Gale

Sue ,solid Black and tan nice footwork good cover and is breeding well to Kirkcaldy Rip 5th.

Kirkcaldy Millie
Kirkcaldy Millie
Kirkcaldy Boss X Kirkcaldy Pixie

Millie ,Solid Red and Tan with great cover excellent footwork,a grand daughter of Kirkcaldy Marco and is breeding well to Kirkcaldy Rip 5th.

Taupiri Dell
Taupiri Dell
Petersons Bill Clinton x Taupiri Echo

Dell, the same as Jag, we will breed her to Kirkcaldy Marco next time which was very successful last time this was done.  We have only just purchased her back.

Taupiri Jag
Petersons Bill Clinton x Taupiri Echo

Jag, big strong Black and Tan bitch very keen on both sheep and cattle and has no fear is breeding some of our best pups with two daughters retained in the stud by Kirkcaldy Marco.  A top young dog in Queensland and another in South Australia.

Kirkcaldy Anna
Karana Bindy x Kirkcaldy Tracy

Calm steady beautiful looking black/tan bitch with great nature and temperament. Wide cast medium eye good cover silent paddock and yard bitch.


Kirkcaldy Jess
P. Bill Clinton x Kirkcaldy Lill

Fawn/tan strong gutsy all round  worker, some eye and strong meaningful bark, good nature and temperament.  Breeding some of our top pups has produced dams and sires for the stud when mated with Kirkcaldy  Marco.  A nice red and tan bitch exported to Finland 2010 to work with 150 Highland cattle.

Kirkcaldy Polly
Karana Bindy x Kirkcaldy Tracy

Solid black/tan all round   bitch, medium eye and some bark when required, producing sound all round workers.  Has produced some of our top pups when mated with Kirkcaldy Marco.

Kirkcaldy Bette Middler

Scanlons Jack x Kirkcaldy Perri

A solid red/tan bitch with medium eye on a mob, stronger on three sheep. Good cast with good cover and anticipation and will bark. She is a good old bitch with a very gentle nature, much like some of my original old bitches. Her progeny are working sheep and cattle. Dam of Kirkcaldy Gale.


Scanlons Jack x Kirkcaldy Perri

Fawn/tan no nonsense, with a great nature and temperament, medium eye, great cover, strong with purpose, no bark. Will work paddock or yard. Progeny working sheep and cattle, one of my best old bitches ever. Dam of Kirkcaldy Jess and Tumble.


P.Bill Clinton x Kirkcaldy Bette Middler

Red/tan clever mustering bitch, long cast medium eye steady, will handle three very well. Has bred well for us particularly when mated to Kirkcaldy Marco.

Kirkcaldy Cathy
Kirkcaldy Brownie x Kirkcaldy Bev

Magnificent big black /tan bitch ,big cast, strong, great cover, medium eye and has bred well for us when mated to several different sires.

Karrawarra Nessie
Karrawarra Rip III x Pratts Nellie

Medium eyed, good footwork, covers well, steady mustering black/tan bitch breeding well when mated with Petersons Bill Clinton. Breeding some of our best pups.

Karrawarra Toole
Paddys Shadow x Bellrock Anna

Stronger eyed black/tan quick footed bitch. Solid reliable temperament would sooner work than rest, covers well with a good cast. Producing some nice pups when mated with Petersons Bill Clinton.

GLENVILLE TAMMY Port Patrick Taj x Glenville Jean

Foundation black/tan dam for the stud purchased from Bert Bromham  Glenville Kelpie Stud 1976, a big quick covering, long wide casting bitch. Brilliant on large or small mobs, especially ewes and lambs, and particularly in difficult situations such as gateways full of water, bridges, and when crossing waterways. Tammy produced excellent dogs by several sires but particularly when mated to Rockybar Ripper. Produced Kirkcaldy Fleet, Inca,  Deb, Toffee and Vito through this mating. These are all noted dogs in this stud.

Glenville Tammy

WYREEMA JILLIE Wyreema Sweeney x Wyvelloe Pattie

Most useful all round black/tan purchased from Wyreema Kelpie Stud as a foundation bitch1976. Perfect temperament, would work paddock yard and shed. Dam of top dogs such as Kirkcaldy Kyle, Pom, Podge, China, and others with Kirkcaldy Perri having a double cross of Wyreema Jillie.

KIRKCALDY POM Kirkcaldy Fleet x Wyreema Jillie

Medium sized black/tan bitch. Great natured dam of many top pups. Good casting and mustering bitch on sheep or cattle in pretty steep hilly country in the Upper Murray district of New South Wales.

KIRKCALDY PERRI Kirkcaldy Volvo x Kirkcaldy Pom

A lovely blue/tan bitch with a beautiful nature. Would work sheep or cattle, plenty of eye and great heading ability, would bite cattle on command. We were lucky to breed Perri, as she has a lot of our best bloodlines of the early 1980ís in her. Has bred some very good working kelpies including Kirkcaldy Bette Midler, Lill, and Sophie.

KIRKCALDY PIPPA Liscannor Norm x Kirkcaldy Gin

One of the best. Top black/tan paddock yard or shed bitch who didnít need to bark to get the job done. Medium eye good wide cast, follow a fence line, good cover and would work sheep, cattle or goats. Dam of Kirkcaldy Trixie.

KIRKCALDY TRIXIE Orvale Ferg x Kirkcaldy Pippa

Lovely natured black/tan bitch, good cast, medium eye and forceful. Has bred many good pups for us in the stud especially when mated  to Scanlons Jack or Petersons Bill Clinton. Strong Rockybar and Liscannor bloodlines. Dam of Kirkcaldy Marco ,Max ,Matt,Tilley,  Tax  Bev and many others.



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