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Our selection criteria :

A top line of breeding dogs and bitches has been developed through careful selection of genetically superior stock.

Since 1992, we have had a policy of starting all the pups in every litter and selecting the pups that will possibly be used in the stud. At about 8 months these are reassessed to meet our stringent expectations for retention in the stud, which may only be 3 to 4 pups per year.


What we select for:

We believe the fundamental characteristics are faultless nature and temperament, a sound confirmation, high fidelity, high concentration, a strong desire to cast or head stock, shepherding and holding ability, willing compliance and an untiring stamina.


The aim:

We aim to breed versatile dogs for every day station work on all classes of stock using their natural instincts. We will always seek to improve our stud either by selecting the best progeny from within the stud or selecting from other studs. 

The Stud:
The stud is still quite small, breeding about 75 to 100 pups per year.
We have a nucleus of about 10 breeding bitches and 4 sires. They are grouped into 4 main families that are genetically similar. We have found breeding within these families, there is a much higher success rate of working dogs.

It is always better if an intending purchaser can come to the property because our clients ability to suit their requirements is enhanced.
Obviously this is not always possible which is why we attend field days, although the demonstrations are very limited but intending buyers are able to view the pups and one or two of our sires or dams.
During the year, we also make several trips through NSW and Queensland where demonstrations are held on the buyers property by special arrangement and conditions do apply.


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